Funeral Services Orestiada


Funeral Services Orestiada

Funeral Services Belias since 1973 we are at your side with respect

Life unfortunately does its full circle and the death of our dear ones is without doubt a very difficult situation that all of us will face at some point of our lives.

When this time of sorrow comes, the family of the late person must have the support and care of an experienced Funeral Services Professional, which will handle everything for the funeral service with great care and with respect for the family’s needs.

With reflection to these conditions and having the experience of many years in the profession, we have created our website so you can immediately reach us and find accurate and responsible information about the planning of a funeral ceremony or any other related service.

With the outmost respect for your loss, we believe it is our duty to stand by you and help you farewell your dear one in the way you need to do so.

We are available to call us at all hours and days to serve you in the best possible way.

Funeral Planning Orestiada

When we plan a funeral ceremony. The funeral is an experience that unfortunately stays in the minds of the relatives and friends for some period of time, due to the hard circumstances of their loss.

Therefore we need to pay great attention to every detail, so the picture remained at the end should be the one that will comfort the family and give the belief that everything was done with the outmost respect and care.

The different needs and culture of each family create a unique experience. Given these conditions, we undertake the planning of the funeral, with respect to your religion’s traditions, your aesthetic preferences and your financial abilities.

Memorials Orestiada

The Greek Orthodox Church’s tradition, says that the memorial service is a very important ceremonial custom. The religious memorial has two forms. It can be done at the grave of the deceased or in the church after the service.

With regard to it social aspect, the memorial is a good opportunity for relatives and friends who haven’t attended the funeral service, to meet and honor the memory of the late person. The main memorial services which are done in a broader social circle are the ones of 40 days, 1 year and 3 years after the death.

Cremation Orestiada

Belias Funeral Services has played a founding role in the cremation of the deceased in Greece, when we originally cooperated with crematoriums in Germany, 20 years ago. Having vast experience in that area, we can undertake the cremation of your dear one with consistency and professionalism, and to complete it within 24 hours.

Repatriation Orestiada

Belias Funeral Services has great experience in the field of deceased repatriation. For more than 30 years we have handled numerous cases of international body transportations from Greece to various foreign countries and continents, as well as returning back to Greece Greek citizens who have passed away in abroad.